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Nick Ridge has worked with us on a wide variety of projects, starting as an employee in 1995, and then as a framing contractor starting in 2001. The period leading up to his becoming a licensed contractor was characterized by an intense commitment to learning all aspects of wood frame construction, and as a framing contractor, he and his crew are able to handle any problem presented to them with creativity and hard work. We routinely hire them to do trickier or more difficult framing projects, particularly in roof framing, and have no hesitation in saying that their work is always accurate, and done in a timely fashion.

James Terrell, owner James Terrell Construction


Dear Nick,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for being a House Leader during the July 2002 Build A Thon. I know it was a big commitment, time consuming and physically difficult and I appreciate your involvement very much.

I have received some very positive feedback from a lot of folks who worked on your house. Your dedication to Habitat and your patience and teaching abilities are obvious. You have made the Build a Thon a great experience for a lot of folks, and you made my job much easier as well.

It was a pleasure working with you during the four BAT days, you managed your crew very well, judging by the relatively small pick up list for your house. Your framing was very clean and very little was skipped over.

Thanks again, from the bottom of my heart, for a job well done, you are a big reason for this years Build a Thon success. Thank you also to Sarah for sharing you for the holiday weekend.

David Sylvester
Construction Manager East Bay Habitat for Humanity

I first met Nick Ridge 8 yrs ago as we worked together
to finish up the revised edition of "A Roof Cutter's Secrets" (JLC
press 2001). I have found him to be an extraordinary man overflowing with natural talent. Not only does he have a passion for framing (especially roofs) like few others I have ever met but he is a gifted teacher, draftsman, building designer, and trignometry wiz.

During the past 4 yrs, while I have had the occasional opportunity to serve his company in the capacity
of job foreman
, I have seen up close the depth of his building code and design engineering knowledge coupled with his honest
and forthright character. Doing a first class job and taking care
of his employees are a close second to the love and care he has for his wife and family.

He will always be involved in great things. I am blessed to have him as a friend.

Will Holladay
* Author of "A Roof Cutter's Secrets" 1989, revised
* framing carpenter/framing contractor/consultant for
better than 35 yrs





Berkeley, CA

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